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There are many levers you can use to limit your energy consumption. Discover our tips here.

Tips & tricks to lower the heating bill  

  • Maintain your installations . A poorly maintained boiler can lead to an additional consumption of heating oil of up to 10%. You also contribute to the efficiency of your heating system by bleeding the radiators.  
  • Isolate . The first energy saved is the energy that is not consumed and has not been lost. 
  • Buy your home heating oil at the best price . Fuel oil prices are going up and down. By ordering at the right time, so when prices are low, you can save immediately.  
  • Preferably opt for quality mazalt , such as the TOTAL Mazout Ultra , which guarantees a better yield from your installation. You will find a fuel oil distributor in your area.

Which alternative energies to consume better?  

Oil is a heating energy that combines well with other fuels. The price of each of these energy sources fluctuates more or less during the year. It can be interesting to invest in an energy mix by combining different fuels. That way you arm yourself against overly volatile prices.


The heating with natural gas , if you can connect to the city network of course, is an excellent alternative to your heating with domestic fuel oil.

Heating with pellets and solar panels: go for renewable energy

By installing solar panels , you can limit your electricity consumption and inject any energy surplus back into the grid. With solar thermal panels you can reduce your energy needs to heat the sanitary water. 

Also, heating with the form of pellets , it is a very interesting alternative. The TOTAL Pellet Premium pellets , which are produced entirely in Belgium, guarantee comfortable heat, high efficiency and, moreover, take care of nature.

Switch to ecologically responsible consumption

Save on your energy costs by switching to an ecologically responsible consumption behavior. Avoiding waste is the first step in this approach.

Only heat when necessary and at the correct temperature. The temperature of a living room is ideally between 19 and 20 ° C. A bedroom requires no more than 17 ° C. And a degree less quickly means a saving of up to 7%.