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Today, TotalENERGIES already offers (bio-) CNG in a number of stations. Compressed natural gas or natural gas under pressure is a greener, more sustainable alternative.

This allows you to count on benefits such as:

  • the cheapest and cleanest fossil fuel on the market
  • low consumption for a lower cost per kilometer
  • suitable for passenger car, vans, buses and trucks
  • high autonomy so you can travel carefree
  • quieter vehicles
  • very low NOx, soot and particulate matter emissions
  • safe technology that allows you to park anywhere, including underground

Refueling with CNG is just as quick and easy as refueling with diesel or petrol and is charged per kilogram fueled. In addition, you pay 35% to 75% less at the pump than when you fill up on diesel or petrol. In addition, refueling on CNG is another 20% cheaper than electricity and up to 60% cheaper than the hybrid on petrol and electricity. 

The greenest alternative: bio-CNG

Bio-CNG is the sustainable variant of CNG and is also called green gas, biogas or biomethane. The difference with this sustainable fossil fuel is that the gas is produced from 100% organic waste. This biogas produces 80% less emissions than diesel, which means that you can drive almost completely CO2-neutral with bio-CNG. Cars that run on CNG today can easily switch to bio-CNG. 

Bio-CNG is currently available in a limited number of TotalEnergies stations. By choosing bio-CNG as a renewable and ecological fuel, TotalEnergies is responding to the growing consumer demand for an environmentally friendly sustainable fuel.


Easily find where you can refuel (bio-) CNG today? This can easily be done via our Station Finder or by downloading our app.