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Welcome to the website section for the “Purchasing” department of Total Belgium NV, specially set up for our (future) suppliers.

Here you will find information about the  roleprocesses  and  backgrounds  of both “ Purchasing ” in the Benelux and that of “Purchasing” within the TotalEnergies Group worldwide.


Perhaps your company is also interested in becoming a TotalEnergies supplier?

In that case, use  this form to register  your company details and the activities in which your company specializes.

After registration, your company will be  included in the TotalEnergies supplier database .

After a preliminary assessment, your company may then be selected to tender for requests for quotations from TotalEnergies.

We thank you in advance for your interest.

Waarden Trust Respect transparency

Wat zijn de verwachtingen van TotalEnergies enzijn leveranciers?

TotalEnergies expects from its (future) suppliers

  • Proactiviteit
  • Compliance with obligations
  • Honest and correct response to TotalEnergies' specific needs
  • We want all our suppliers to share these values ​​in order to build lasting relationships together.